How to Plant Strawberry

Planting Strawberry at small scale based on certain parameters.


Planting strawberry has never been easy neither has been harvesting and storing it. Talking about the planting process first, planting needs preparation.There is too much work to be done before you can go to buy the plants. The most important thing which needs to be done first is research. Know as much about strawberry, the climate in which you want to plant it, water situation etc.

The type of Strawberry planted under this study is a called Schneider. It is one of the top types of berries. It has two planting seasons based on the climatic conditions of Summers ranging from 35-45(C) and winters ranging from 10 – (-4) C. There is a summer harvest and a winter harvest. Although the plant grows well in the summers, if proper watering is done, but the fruit comes more in the winters. However, planting in summers is an advantage because not only some strawberries will be yielded in the summers as well but also because the plant will already be stronger to defend against the frosts in deep winters. There is a very serious problem of weed attack as well which will be discussed later.

After getting some information the next step is to prepare the land. Now, strawberries best grows on a higher place where water is not stood up rather it flows to the relatively lower ground which is surrounding the plant. The seeds of strawberry can be planted to get the infant plant but they are also available in nurseries. Make the land in wavy pattern like small canals.

Land Preparation

Each plant should be placed at least one foot apart on all sides. The rest of the ground should be placed with straws. The straws create hindrance for the unwanted weeds. It also provides a cushion for the sprouting leaves and especially the sprouting strawberries. This is how it can be done.

Laying the Straw







After the straw has been laid the plantation can begin. The water should not be given to them with pressure or directs force. The water should not be gathered at the roots of straw berries that is why the plantation is done on a higher ground. However, the soil should be moist as dryness of soil can cause damage to the plant. The weeds should be removed. The flower and the fruit should not touch the ground other wise the fruit will get wounded. If proper care is taken then each plant can sprout up to 5-15 berries at a time. They keep sprouting more once the season of blossom is there.


The flower
Flower turning into Fruit!

The proper watering, shade and sunlight  makes the plant healthy and soon the flowers start to blossom on each plant. This flower has a yellowish center which later turns into the fruit. The flower stage is also a very care seeking phase of strawberry plantation. It is necessary to keep proper watering. Water should not be directly thrown over the plant or flower, especially with pressure. Instead the soil surrounding the plant would be watered. The soil should not be let cracked dry neither should it be made a pool of water. An average amount of moist should remain with the plant. If taken good care almost all the flowers turn into fruit.


Once the flower starts dropping its petals, the fruit starts to emerge and start getting the shape.Again this is a very important phase and the required care level is higher. This phase also requires from the harvester to make sure that the fruit is not touching the ground other wise the fruit will become marked. It is also sometimes required to crop some very big unwanted leaves so that more leaves and flowers sprout. This is very effective. Some leaves tend to dry they should be removed as well.

A healthy plant


A healthy plant will have bigger and greener leaves. Such a plant sprouts maximum number of fruit. The fruit will keep growing and once it reaches its final size it will start turning red. This is the time when it requires maximum care. See how one plant is going through the transformations and displays all the three phases the flower, small fruit and the grown fruit. Bigger leaves and more flowers / fruit is an indication that the plant is doing well.


The fruit turning red

Once the fruit starts turning red, it is time for planning its sale or disposal. Strawberry does not have a very long shelf life. It is best to move off as soon as possible once the fruit is removed from the plant to the intended consumer. It is wise to make deals with bakeries or factories which use fruit to manufacture their product and give the whole yield to them. More flowers will keep sprouting especially in the winter season. If care is continued, the plant keeps on flourishing and after giving a good yield in the winters, the same plant gives a good yield in summers as well.

The final fruit




Once your fruit is red you can just pull it out and enjoy your very own farm fresh strawberry. It is a very delicious and soothing fruit. The strawberry plant can be kept for longer period of time and it keeps sprouting in summers and winters. Not only that the strawberry fruit i sold in the market but also the strawberry plant gets sold for a good price. A single live root of strawberry plant can turn into a full plant.That root must be prevented while planting it .

Thus planting strawberry requires care and attention from root level till the the final fruit. Once all this process is gone through one can not regret when the fruit is harvested or consumed.







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